Dedication, from Design to Production

From our design studio in historic New England to our worldwide supply chain to our women-owned Chinese manufacturing center, Bennett and Company is committed to One Needle precision, creating and delivering inspired pieces that maintain unmatched quality from design to product execution.


Through every garment, every stitch, and every concept, our in-house design team weaves passion, love, and creativity

  • Our creative team understand the cyclicality of fashion, reimagining heritage designs to create visionary lingerie.
  • Bennett and Company maintains a complete physical catalog of 30+ years of garments for our designer’s reference.
  • Our award-winning, proprietary BOLT (Bennett OnLine Technology Tracking) software enables our U.S. and Chinese teams to recall any garment, design, or pattern from our entire catalog.

Designing in Three Tiers

Women deserve to feel beautiful, whether they’re looking for everyday wear or something special. With product categories designed to meet your company’s needs, our tiered business model delivers exceptional garments at price points perfectly tailored to your customers’ desires. Explore our tiered garments below.


Top Tier




High-Volume Tier

Product Development

From custom-designed fabrics and knits to engineered embroideries, laces, and brocades, Bennett and Company specializes in creating unique garments for our clients.


Our worldwide network of suppliers enables us to:

  • Source and develop quality materials at an affordable rate.
  • Procure 95% of our materials from Asia, which keeps prices down, timelines flexible, and delivery to our Guangzhou factory efficient.
  • Only work with companies that align with our ethical and environmental standards.


Bennett and Company has built strong partnerships in Asia with the most skilled garment manufacturing workforce, in order to produce the highest quality product for our customers.


Our core competency in Intimate Apparel includes; both knits and wovens, foundations, underwear, sleepwear, lingerie and loungewear. Our specialized detailing in embroidery, printing, lace, beading, and embellishment sets us apart from other factories.


Along with quality and efficiency of the product, our people are of critical importance. Our facilities are carefully curated to ensure that we provide safe, productive, and empowering workplaces for our team. Our factories all maintain a high standard Code of Conduct and Corporate Responsibility.

  • Jacalyn Bennett has built over 10 factories across the continent, receiving awards for her ingenuity from the Chinese and Japanese governments
  • Our privately-owned factory, John Stuart Bennett Guangzhou Mfg. Ltd.(BGZ), opened in 2002 and employs over 800 team members
  • BGZ features extensive garment manufacturing competencies including-
  • Our long-term joint venture manufacturing partners include Guangzhou Bennett Harmony Garments Ltd. in mainland China and Jinadasa Bennett Manufacturing in Sri Lanka
Respect and value our employees and supply chain partners by giving back to the communities in which we work.
Jacalyn Bennett

A Corporation with a Conscience

Interwoven at every stage of production and every level of our business is our core principle of
doing everything for the highest good of all human beings.

  • Bennett and Company is a leader in socially and ecologically conscious manufacturing.
  • We support our workers, their communities, and the environment.
For Our People

We adhere to all local, national, and international workers’ rights laws, including:

  • Minimum working age, wage practices, work hours, freedom of association, equality of treatment

We ensure all our teams receive what they need to continue creating beauty in the world:

  • Health insurance, cost of living, maternity and paternity benefits
  • Safe and secure working environments
For Our Planet

Bennett and Company works tirelessly to reduce our environmental impact:

  • Source sustainable, eco-friendly, and recyclable materials
  • Utilize suppliers with highest level of industry compliance standards
  • Reduce production waste through smart design and tight marker management
  • Use recycled materials in our packaging
  • Recycle and donate waste products and materials
  • Upcycle development and sales samples